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03-15-2013, 11:18 AM
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Originally Posted by raistlin76 View Post
Keeping Sacco until end of the season is a mistake. With organization rules that we use coaches from within it's much better to give Quinn interim coach now and see if he is capable of running this team. If not we look for other options during off-season. If Sacco is fired after the season and Quinn is our next coach and he fails it means another blown season. I don't think AVS have such luxury. Next season is crucial for this organization if they didn't qualify for playoffs they may be medicore team for many years and no top-class UFA signs here.

So Fire Sacco now and try something else.
What you say makes sense but this won't happen because of the chance to draft and add another top flight player to our lineup. ANY coaching change would likely see us improve our standing and worsen our draft position significantly.

Firing Sacco should have happened a long time ago and a good 5-7 games ago for any chance at the playoffs THIS season.

Besides, I doubt very much that Quinn will be given the chance to coach the Avs. I think he'll end up taking the BU job.

I will predict that maybe for the first time ever, our NEW COACH will bring in his own assistants. It's a perfect time to really wipe the slate clean and start new with a whole new coaching staff.

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