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Originally Posted by Mr Writer View Post
I rank my TOP 12 who's best from #1 to # 12 without taking into account team, who shoots left/right or players of similar skill set etc. And then from that try and balance TOP 8 or more specifically TOP 6/7 on any given team. Generally my Top 4 d-men are my top 2 pairings or 4 best d-man irregardless of anything else, but bottom 4 I take into consideration Left v Right or type of player... For example Hamius I have ranked #10, but for Sochi I have him in the 3rd pairing with Drew Doughty. # 1 pairing would be AP w/Weber (two right-handed shooters, but I always put my best two d-men together to see what comes out and adjust afterwards...# 2 Kieth w/Letang. so that makes M Staal # 7 and Seabrook # 8. The aforementioned Subban has moved up to # 9. Unlikely he replaces Doughty or Letang (player of similar skill set) who are more accomplished even though I have Subban ranked higher than Hamius, but Hamius gets the spot over Subban. And I prefer Marc Staal over Subban for the purposes of the Sochi team..My A and B teams switch on a daily basis.

And then to make it even more confusing, once I get my team I assign a number value on each player 4-7 based on current stats and from that I assess the relative strengths and weaknesses of the opposition teams and the chances of winning any particular tournament. And this speaks to our friend Cory Trevor who a while back commented that in all likelihood Team Canada regresses. But Vancouver I had Canada rated # 2 at 139 pts while the Russians were at # 1 by the slightest of margins 141, Sweden # 3 and the USA # 4. This time a year out from Sochi, I have Canada ranked # 1 improved to a 155 Sweden at # 2 improved to a 145 closely followed by the USA improved from Vancouver at 143 and I have the Russians falling back to # 4 and the Finns at number 5. All those are based on me picking the opposition teams, and for the Russians it is especially difficult to judge KHL stats in relation to NHL stats.
We'll see what the real teams look like when they are picked.

And if those first 2 d pairings didn't work out, then I'd consider Hamhuis w/ Weber and Kieth w/ AP. Staal w/Doughty and making Letang the # 7.
That all makes sense and I tend to agree with your ranking scheme not necessarily determining which 8 D-men make the squad, considering roles/responsibilities, redudancies in skillsets, experience, handedness, etc. I believe Subban is among the top 8 defencemen in Canada right now, but it seems like he needs an injury or significant slippage in play from one of Letang or Doughty (or possible Pietrangelo) to make Team Canada. Which in my view is unlikely. And that's alright. Back in 2010 Doughty was seen as a longshot to make the team, then next thing you know he's playing huge minutes on our #1 pairing. So anything could happen, and I have full confidence in Yzerman doing his due diligence and selecting the best players for the job.

I'd be curious to see the team rankings you alluded to above.

And, finally, Getzlaf is making a huge push for a spot on this roster, like I suspected he would. Currently tied for 6th in NHL scoring, well-above a PPG pace, and leading the Ducks to a (surprising) #2 position in the West. Obviously much will depend on the playoffs, and whether he can lead Anaheim on a nice run, but the downside is that we won't get to see him play again on the international ice until Sochi. If the Olympics started today I don't see how we could leave him off.

He'd probably drag Perry onto the team as well, although Perry is IMO capable of scoring much more than he is, and I'd like him to warm up to a 40-goal pace before I would want to see him on the team. His elbow this week was pretty ugly and the 4-game suspension much deserved, and unfortunately not atypical of him. With Perry you can certainly get the good and the bad. I've always thought of Perry having the better shot at making Team Canada than Getzlaf given he's a natural RWer, where we're comparatively pretty thin, a very good goal scorer, and isn't afraid to work the corners and the area in front of the net; whereas Getzlaf was caught up in a logjam at the center position.

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