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Originally Posted by vorky View Post
2008/09 - 2012/13
6 073
6 181
6 306
6 305
6 620

2008/09 - 2012/13

6 260
6 190
6 160
6 385
5 717

As you can see, NLA has grown every season. Elitserien has decreased every season, only exception is last year. Can it be explained by "Djurgarden type of case" in 09/10, 10/11 as well?

Is there any potential for grow in NLA, SEL with current arenas? If not, will clubs build new? KHL forces clubs to build new arenas (minimum of 9000 or 12000), therefore many clubs project new arenas. I dont agree with KHL here, IMO minimal capacity should be 12000 or 15000. If a club can not afford it (small city, fanbase), it can play lower leagues.
Well technically based on your numbers the NLA did experience a decrease from the 10-11 to 11-12 seasons.

From 08-09 to 10-11 Eliteserien had a 1.5% (rough math) drop over those three seasons. To be honest given how Ďfluidí the Eliteserien seems to be I am surprised the attendance numbers are as steady as they are.

I donít think, other than the odd exception, there is going to be a need for 10-15 thousand seat arenas in either Switzerland or Sweden. I think most of the 'major' clubs in both countries have either built new, or done major renovations on existing arenas within the past decade. I think if the clubs thought there was a need for such large arenas we would have seen more of them built during the recent/current arena boom.

I donít think you can compare KHL cubs, often playing in cities with a million+ people, with clubs from the other major European leagues. If the KHL feels that 15 thousand seat arenas are necessary and they think they can fill them than that is awesome but I donít think it is the way to go for clubs/places like Zlin, Pori or Lulea.

Originally Posted by Dosing View Post
There is already talk about 14-16 teams, thanks to the depth and the new tvdeal. The question is who gets promoted? cuz they cant simply chose someone to advance and clubs will have to have a good while to prepare for a bigger kvalserie. If ishockey fŲrbundet just picks some clubs the sport will lose all it's honor and the general hockey interest will likely diminish.
I would hope/think that if they did expand the number of teams they wouldn't close the league. I believe as it works now the top 2 teams from the qualifying round are promoted/remain in the SEL correct? Really all what they would have to do the year before expanding is to promote/keep the top 4 teams from the qualifying round.

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