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03-15-2013, 11:02 AM
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Originally Posted by misfit View Post
Well, he didn't say to never deal them yet half of the people to respond are saying he did. All he's saying is to be smart about it.

I agree with what Sakich is saying in principal. 3+ round picks are usually better off being traded for players. The problem I have is when you're using them on players like Brown who are often available for nothing late into free agency and are often waived throughout the season.

Philly trading a 4th for Gagner was a good use of a pick that's likely to be of little help to your team. Edmonton trading a 4th (potentially a 3rd) for Brown was not. Especially when we already had a perfectly capable player in the exact same role.
Brown plays hard every single shift, there's no need to motivate him, he fights when he's supposed to and doesn't when he's not. He is a significant upgrade on Eager and most "goons". I cannot believe how so many people are so upset to part with a 4th round pick for a player that we so desperately needed. People complain about a lack of toughness than can play, we get a player that can play 8-10 minutes a night and add that along with a great work ethic and now we're supposed to be longing for a 4th round pick with a less than 10% chance of it being a 3rd?

Forget what other scouting staffs in the league have done with 3rd and 4th round picks back in 2004, what has this scouting staff done with the picks in those rounds? This is the scouting staff that will be drafting for us not Dallas', Minnesota's, etc.

3rd round:

Ewanyk (possibly a center version of Mike Brown)

With the exception of Rieder this is the better group of prospects, however the odds of us making the playoffs are quite slim so the chances that TO gets a 3rd are quite low and barely worth mentioning at this point IMO. A little more than 1/2 of these players look to be potential solid pro players with NHL careers up in the air for all of them at this point.

4th round:

At least 2 of those picks are write offs, and while Rajala is doing well at the AHL level I doubt that he ends up being an Oiler due to our team's current make-up. Bigos is the wildcard and Rieder is the most promising of the bunch, if we're lucky 2/7 become NHLers for us.

The only players on this list that I'd at least hesitate to deal for Brown are: Martindale, Khaira, and Zharkov from the 3rd round and Rieder from the 4th. I like Ewanyk but his upside might be that of Brown so it's a wash. I would be pissed if we moved a 2nd rounder for Brown, however we didn't and a 3rd looks like a real stretch too. I could live with a 3rd just due to the raw numbers or prospects and suspects we have in the system, the fact that we have a pair of 2nd round picks this upcoming draft and the likelihood that we will have some picks coming back at the deadline.

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