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Originally Posted by Soble View Post
One technical clarification for the types who will understand -

This part unique to the west:
(Exception: one team from each division plays one less game inside Division and one more game inside Conference outside Division)

is due to the math of having a 5x5 and 1x4 (29 games) not being able to work out with an odd number of teams. (try it if you don't believe)

This means there's a chance the Jets get an extra game against the Pacific, perhaps VAN/EDM/CGY. Not sure if they plan on rotating every team over each 7 years, would be nice if they chose the Jets as the exception team for another Canadian matchup but I'm sure they will rotate it.
you never know, they may do that. Before the Jets came back the 3 eastern CDN teams played the 3 western CDN teams home and home each year. Since hte matrix worked out that you would play 3 teams in the opposite conference home and home rather than once. All other teams roated except the canadian ones.

Maybe the Jets will get rotated amongst the western CDN teams yearly.

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