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Originally Posted by saffronleaf View Post
I hope Germany is able to establish more rinks and get better leadership for hockey. With such massive population and wealth, Germany has the potential to be a major hockey power. And the attendance figures for teams like Berlin is awesome.

Is Germany improving? Do you see it heading in the right direction? Or is it kind of stagnating? Would a German star player in the NHL make a difference?
I don't think the rink situation is going to improve anytime soon. Many cities and villages are in debt and can barely, if at all, afford to keep the rinks open that are already there, let alone build new ones or renovate the old ones.

It seemed like we were improving, but with the recent setbacks (terrible performance at the 2012 World Championships and subsequently missing the 2014 Olympics) it is hard to tell which was the aberration the improvement before or these setbacks.

I do believe things in Junior hockey have improved ever so slightly.

I don't really think that a star player in the NHL would make a big difference.
In Basketball we have Dirk Nowitzki, and our Basketball Association has done very little to use his success for the promotion of the game in Germany.
I don't know who is more incompetent the people running German Hockey or the ones running German Basketball but it is a close call. So even if we had a real star in the NHL it wouldn't do much good.
Especially since the NHL is not that popular her to begin with. It would be a bigger deal if a German player or team would play an amazing Olympic tournament (in 2018 maybe), because that is what everyone would watch. And even a standout performance at a World Championship might have a bigger impact than a star player in a league nobody is watching over here (except a few lunatics who need no sleep).

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