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Originally Posted by salty justice View Post
I passed the pencil test perfectly. Surprisingly I don't think my skates are too small even though I wear 10.5 CCMs with a size 13 foot.

I noticed my injured left foot slides forward a little bit in the boot and doesn't sit all the way back in the heel so I just put some super feet insoles in my skates to give me the high arch support I need. Walking around the house feels much better with the arch support, but I can't lace my top 3 eyelets tight at all without feeling pain (with either insole).

Unfortunately I like a tight fitting skate, but maybe I need to learn how to play with loose skates?
If you are feeling pain at all without the skate on, you are going to have issues with your skate. Be proactive with your injury management. Do ice massage multiple times a day (freeze water in a paper cup and peel the cup away and use the ice to massage the area). Take anti-inflammatories for a while (talk to your doc about how much). You need to get a handle on the injury and do treatment to help it heal. If you know an A.T.C who knows graston technique, have them try some treatment on you.

There are some things you can do to your skates to help with lace bite. Do you skate tongues in or out of your shinpads? Try tucking them under your shins if you currently wear them on the outside. Lace your skates from the outside in. This helps take some of the lace pressure off of the tongue.

As far as padding the area, I have seen a number of different methods. You can buy bunga pads, which will help only if you get the pain under control. As mentioned above, you can buy foam and lay it on either side of the inflammation site. An old timey method that is actually pretty effective is to fill a baggie with peanut butter and tape it over the injury. The consistency of the P.B. is perfect for keeping the area cushioned.

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