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Originally Posted by orange is better View Post
And then do what to fix the gaping hole that is our defense now and for the future? Trade Couturier for a guy who hasn't been able to hold a steady nhl job like Runblad? A guy who's taken a scary big step back like Meyers? A guy who's been stuffed in the minors by a team who hasnt made the playoffs since the silent era like Gardiner? It's easier to draft a blue chip defenseman if you have a high draft pick than it is to trade for a blue chip defenseman after the BPA with your pick isn't a defenseman.

If we're at, for example #5, Id be disappointed if homer didnt try to do whatever was in his power to move up to the top 2 for Jones.
I really think the need of an elite defensemen is overblown. Look at the Devils line up. Their defense is no better than the Flyers. They play a structure defensive system and their forwards actually backcheck and dont turnover the puck in the neutral zone. The Flyers do not.

Drafting a defensemen is a crap shoot. The fact is the best one of this draft could be taken after the 1st round. Look at the defensemen taken after rd 1:Letang, Weber, Chara, Keith. Out of the top 10 scorers for defensemen this year, only 3 are first round picks. There is only 8 total 1st rounders in the top 30. The Flyers could get an elite forward and a great defensemen in the same draft as opposed to selling out for one guy who may or may not be the generational talent many think he is.

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