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03-15-2013, 12:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Viking Mode View Post
If you only judge him based on half of his career then you make mistakes like paying him 4 million a season.
But then if you judge him on his whole career, he's a 0.27 Goals/Gm 0.21 Ast/Gm player, which is a 22 G, 17A, 39P pace in 82 games, although even in his healthiest seasons (the last 3) he's always at least missed a few games.

He's clearly playing well below his career pace right now.

On the other hand if you want to only look at the recent 1/4 of a season's worth of games and extrapolate it to 82 games, you get what Dahrougem2 does, which is a Mcleod (near his peak) level guy. But if you go with Mcleod that's defnitely the best you'll get. Jones still could bounce back and give a lot you more than what he currently is. Parital season, new father, team not clicking. Not impossible to think he could rebound later or perhaps next year.

How did this become a Jones thread?

Back on Topic: Keep O'R and Lands together for a while more, see if they continue to show signs of the old magic. I partly think Landy was still just getting back in sync. Both Landy and Staz were looking really good individually and doing nearly all of the little things well, but just hadn't found the timing yet to start put it in the net more. Which is interesting because I remember last year the few times they would overlap on the ice, they almost always clicked immediately.

I think Gabe still isn't quite back to normal yet. Bizarre how on the PP they've been playing Staz in front of the net and Landy behind the net. I think they didn't want Landy to take all of the direct pounding quite yet.

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