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03-15-2013, 12:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Krishna View Post

Above & Beyond
Knife Party

And of course I absolutely hate Afrojack for the way he treated everyone last year. He had a show booked here. I bought tickets for like 30 each. About 2 weeks before the event he cancelled it to play a bigger show here 4 months later of course with larger ticket fees. Anyone who bought a ticket was promised that they'd only pay about 25 bucks more if they turned their ticket in instead of refunding it. Everyone goes to do it and there was no such agreement and now the tickets were 99 each. **** that and **** him
I'm really excited to see W&W, but I have a feeling that they're one of those groups that play the same to very similar sets each time.. I only saw Tritonal once, but I left their set mid-way through at EDC.. It was pretty bland..

I don't blame you for that..He showed up at Pacha one night, the 3rd of his shows for the night around the are, and was too ****faced to put together a set.. Pretty much drank out of the bottle, kept talking about bringing Paris Hilton there, and played an iPod set

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