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03-15-2013, 12:11 PM
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Correct me if I am wrong, but the First Team, Second Team voting is by writers, correct? Tkachuk was not well liked by the media. His issues in Winnipeg are well documented. It seems the only people who liked the guy were at The Hockey News.

As for the Naslund argument, I'd have no problem saying Keith would of had awesome numbers playing for those Canucks teams as well.

Think he's more talented than Shanahan. If Tkachuk gets traded to Detroit, Keith is in the HHOF.

As for complimentary player on the '96 WC team...guy wore an "A" and was THE premier physical force on a team with some toughness in Hatcher, Guerin, Deadmarsh etc... Really can't say enough about the fight in front of the US bench when he broke Lemieux's nose. Game changer for a team/country that hadn't really been able to challenge Canada up to that point. That tournament was the closer in terms of me putting hockey at the top of my list and becoming an obsession. Of course, he could have been tossed from the tourney for the baseball sswing slash on Adam Foote so there is an argument to be made that, prior to being traded to St. Louis, his temper could be more of a detriment than a positive.

That being said, he would dominate in today's game at his peak. Years of abuse from standing in front of the net took its toll on him. You can stand in front of the net now and build a small village if you want to. Even though he is known for his front net presence, he could walk around defenseman no problem and had a great pair of hands.

It's no surprise that the usual suspects around here are crapping on Tkachuk. The one thing they have in common is most do not like fighting and guys who play on the edge.

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