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03-15-2013, 12:12 PM
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Originally Posted by S E P H View Post
I was able to watch Gauthier.

+ Great hockey IQ (especially defensively)
+ Good reach with stick
+ Anticipates the play very well
+ Protects the puck good (could be improved)
+ Even though he seems like perimeter player he goes to the dirty areas including in front of the net.

- Extremely raw (like very, very raw)
- He skates just like Wolski (below average in straight line, but surprisingly decent in agility)
- He hits just like Wolski (His hits are harder than Wolski, but around the same softness)
- Saw little offensive creativity.

Like I said this was only one game so it's hard to judge his offensive game because I don't think he ever shot the puck, but I wouldn't (personally) draft in the top 14. He did though, on one or two penalties play the FULL 2 minutes on the PK.
The two biggest problems with Gauthier in my mind is the lack of high end offensive skill and creativity and that he is more of a perimeter player when with his frame he should be battling a lot more. Now it is really hard to say if he is just being extra safe/responsible on the defensive end or if that is just the way he plays. If he is just being safe, he will grow out of that and become a more effective player offensively. If it is just him, I don't see it ever really changing. That will honestly be the difference between him being a #2C and a #3C. At worst he is a 30 point #3C with great PK skills.

With his performances of late, it actually wouldn't surprise me to see him start to slip in the draft (from mid 1st to ~22-25). If he has a bad playoffs he might fall to the bottom of the 1st or high 2nd.

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