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Originally Posted by Krishna View Post
1. Just because you submit an offersheet doesn't mean they are going to sign. Seems like most players just use them as leverage without signing them.
Fair enough. But I think most prospects who make it to RFA status would rather receive the financial security that goes along w/ a long-term contract rather than helping their team out w/ a bridge contract. I see making an offer to McDonaugh as kind of a no-lose situation.

Originally Posted by Krishna View Post
2. Your numbers for boston are off a bit. They don't have Savard on LTIR yet so their space jumps to close to 14 million for Rask, possibly Horton, Caron, a D man or two, and a backup goalie. They really aren't in a tight spot just yet
Why would LTIR matter at all? LTIR doesn't become available till after the 1st game of the season, so my numbers for Boston are correct. In order for Boston to be cap compliant, their roster for the first game needs to fit under the 64.3M cap. And it's not like you can just bury guys in the minors anymore.

An offersheet to Rask would put them into difficulty. They would need to do some serious restructuring of their roster to keep Rask, field a full roster, and remain cap compliant.

Originally Posted by Krishna View Post
3. Rangers have almost 11m to sign McDonagh, possibly Sauer, Hagelin, and Stepan. The rangers usually get their RFAs to sign bridge contracts for low amounts. They also have Kreider in the AHL and McIlrath waiting in the AHL. Not exactly a tough spot
I don't quite understand how you can say that's not a tough spot. The Rangers have always / will continue to always have at least 1 extra FWD and 1 extra D on the roster (13 FWDs, 7D). If you assume the Rangers fill their extra FWD and extra D w/ the absolute cheapest possible guys (~600k cap hit), then they have ~9.75M left to spend on re-signing Hagelin, Stepan, and McD. If you offer-sheet McD @ 6M, that leaves 3.75M to split between Hagelin and Stepan. That's clearly not going to get it done.

That puts them into difficulty. As to what they might do to address that difficulty, you seem to have a few ideas:

Originally Posted by GoneFullHolmgren View Post
they will have the cash if they buyout Richards or Gaborik.
Originally Posted by Krishna View Post
Exactly. Left that out of my post since I see them keeping Richards for at least a year and trying to trade Gaborik away instead this summer
Ok, so depending on what the Rangers do, they might have enough to sign McD. I never disputed that. But without an offersheet, they can sign all their RFAs and still keep the rest of their roster intact.

Since the Rangers are our division foes and we're directly competing with them, isn't it advantageous to us if we force them to either amnesty their #1C or trade their 40 goal scoring #1 winger? Especially when there are no good replacements available for them either internally or externally?!? I know I'd look a lot more favorably on a matchup w/ NY if Richards or Gaborik were gone.

Plus, other GMs are pretty intelligent. If we offer-sheet McD and put the Rags in a serious bind and they decide to trade Gaborik to get out of that bind, there's no possible way Sather gets full value for Gaborik. It'll be like Homer trading Gags for cap relief all over again.

I just don't see where the downside is here. If we do nothing, the Rags can keep their roster intact and resign all their RFAs. If we offersheet McD, we're either getting a puck moving D w/ #1 ability, or we're forcing the Rangers to significantly weaken their team.

We can't lose.

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