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Originally Posted by 7toZulu View Post
If you want to still try to play with the lace bite pain, I recommend getting some of the green foam stuff from a craft store... its like a big sheet of soft foam. Cut that foam into squares that will fit into your skate, and cut little rectangular sections out of the center of the square. This will allow the tendon to rest in between the channel. I did this after dealing with lace bite for a while, and it worked wonders for me.
I do something similar to this with a blue gel pad, minus the channel. I'll give it a try with the foam.

Originally Posted by forbs02 View Post
If you are feeling pain at all without the skate on, you are going to have issues with your skate. Be proactive with your injury management. Do ice massage multiple times a day (freeze water in a paper cup and peel the cup away and use the ice to massage the area). Take anti-inflammatories for a while (talk to your doc about how much). You need to get a handle on the injury and do treatment to help it heal. If you know an A.T.C who knows graston technique, have them try some treatment on you.

There are some things you can do to your skates to help with lace bite. Do you skate tongues in or out of your shinpads? Try tucking them under your shins if you currently wear them on the outside. Lace your skates from the outside in. This helps take some of the lace pressure off of the tongue.

As far as padding the area, I have seen a number of different methods. You can buy bunga pads, which will help only if you get the pain under control. As mentioned above, you can buy foam and lay it on either side of the inflammation site. An old timey method that is actually pretty effective is to fill a baggie with peanut butter and tape it over the injury. The consistency of the P.B. is perfect for keeping the area cushioned.
Sorry but ATC = Air Traffic Controller?

I do ice massage about 3 times a day, sometimes following a hot epson salt bath. My foot swells any time I run more than 20 feet, this is a mild but manageable pain that I can massage away (I've been told it's from the scar tissue created by the cortison injections).

The tendon only hurts when something is touching it, like my skate tongue. I'll try doing my laces outside-in, that sounds like it would help. I've never tucked my tongues into my shin pads. When I try that now it puts more pressure and pain on my tendon.

To get an idea of the tendon I'm talking about, just imagine I was wearing a watch on my ankle sitting near the 3rd eyelet on my skate with the face centered under the tongue. The whole tendon swells (and looks like a watch from the front) with the watch face protruding like a knuckle more and more as I play.

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