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Originally Posted by Pilky01 View Post
Have I missed the part of the CBA where the difference between the ceiling and floor expands?
Upper Limit = Midpoint + 15%
Lower Limit = Midpoint - 15%

with the caveat $16M <= (Upper Limit - Lower Limit) <= $28M

Originally Posted by NHL / NHLPA CBA MOU
The Payroll Range for 2013/14 shall be as follows:

Lower Limit = $44 Million
Midpoint = $54.15 Million
Upper Limit = $64.3 Million

Beginning in 2014/15, and on a going forward basis, the Payroll Range will be calculated as follows:
a) The Midpoint will be calculated in accordance with the formula utilized in the expired CBA, including with respect to the year-over-year growth factor and using 50% as the applicable Players’ Share.

b) The Upper and Lower Limits will be determined as follows:
• Upper Limit: +15% of the Adjusted Midpoint
• Lower Limit: -15% of the Adjusted Midpoint
• Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Upper Limit shall never fall below $64.3M during the term of this Agreement and the magnitude of the Payroll Range shall never fall below $16 million and never rise above $28 million (from Lower Limit to Upper Limit).

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