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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
Yes, poor Teemu didn't get a chance to play much in the playoffs in his prime because his team was crappy. But you know what? That's life and that's hockey. Fedorov did have chances Teemu never had, and he absolutely excelled with them. Teemu's lack of opportunity does not mean we should take anything from a player who had that opportunity and excelled with it.
How exactly did he excel? One PPG season in a decade? On a team with more offense and more talent than anyone else over that time-span?

And don't tell me he played defense. Its great that he played defense, but if you're arguing he's one of the top five players during that exact era, or better than a guy who set a record that will never be broken and who was one of the dominant offensive players of the era. . . that's not dominating. That's Rod Brind'Amour.

And the opportunity thing is a two-way street. Selanne played for a team that gave him as much ice time as he could handle, had a linemate in Kariya who was better offensively than anyone Fedorov played with, and Selanne was one of a few superstars during the dead puck era who was allowed to completely ignore defense - and one of the few other superstars who could ignore defense was on his line! Selanne had much more opportunities than Fedorov to rack up fancy looking numbers in the regular season.
Fedorov didn't play against other teams' top checking lines. Fedorov wasn't the sole reason his team was ever in games. Fedorov was almost never the underdog in a playoff series. Fedorov never played a game of his Detroit career without at least one Hall-of-Fame puck-moving defenseman on the ice with him.

Amongst the many crazy things being said in this thread. . . the fact that we are going to try and argue that playing on the 1990s Red Wings did not benefit Fedorov is probably number one.

When you're too young to have seen Fedorov in his prime (and you are, you've said this in the past), and almost everyone who did see him raves about the overall impact he had on a game, maybe just maybe, you should listen to them.
I watched him. He simply was not as good as he is being portrayed.

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