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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
Bergevin is in the business world. Real money. Real accountability. Real forecasts for salaries and living in the Cap World.
Is this a jab at my credibility? I have done cost estimation for multi billion dollar construction project. That was the business world, real money, real accountability.

Anything a GM does to research a players salary, we can do the same as fans. You take a look at the top D in the league, you look at their salary and you start to compare and dissect each piece at a time. I did that in my aforementioned post when I said we should of signed PK long term before the season.

Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
Do you think that Bergevin just woke up one day and pulled a number out of his ass and ran with it? Remember, his first name is not Pierre and he understands hockey, including player management and what it takes to build a competitive team.

In the Cap World of the NHL, One Million dollars per year one way or the other over time is insignificant. One million dollars is what you would pay a press box sitter.

In the Cap World of the NHL, the $3 to $4 million cost savings for the next two years (not giving Subban the moon immediately) equals adding a very good DMan to this roster or a very good forward. Not Corey Perry, but a damned good forward.
Pulled a number out of his ass? I believe that MB has the right people in place and made a decision based on playing it safe, not really knowing TOO much about PK. He made a good business decision, but I still believe it was the wrong one. I have already explained why in my previous post and rest assured that I will do more of it in this one.

Before we continue, Max Pacioretty is on a home town discount, players that scored the same as max last year make more than him. He was 38th in the league in points and 18th in goals, which means his avg salary should be 5.5 million as per the top 40 salaries in the NHL for forwards.

You said it yourself, 1 million is for a press box sitter, now imagine you have 1 million from Subban+ 1 million from Max + 1 million you would of paid that player sitting in the box, you go from having a Ben Eager to having a second Rene Bourque, or insert player with around 3 M in cap hit.

Again like you say later on, if we want to sign a very good Dman or Forward, we buy out Kaberle, or trade Kaberle, buy out someone else. Saving 1 million on the cap hit over 13 years is beneficial, because he won't be the only one taking a discount. You set up a precedence and other players will buy in. How on earth is anyone in Pittsburgh going to ask for more than 8.7 M a year? No one will dare make more than Crosby. Crosby could of asked for league max at around 12 M a season, but he is a team player and knows what it takes to build a winner, nickle and dimming your way to the top. Rich people aren't rich by accident, you might call them cheap, I call them smart with their money.

Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
I think Bergevin has a plan on how to pay Subban his salary in two years while making the moves on the team to make it possible. He learned well in Chicago.
I'm sorry to say, but you look rather foolish in my eyes after this statement. The same Chicago team that had to dismantle their Stanley Cup roster because of poor management of RFA, bonuses that penalized that team. He may of learned something, but Chicago is the last team you should praise when talking cap management.

Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
Look how easily he made Cole's contract disappear. Same for Gomez. And soon to be same for Kaberle.
Good on him for Cole, so since he is good at getting rid of deadwood, with the savings on a long term Subban contract, we should be able to sign whoever we want?! Right? See what I did there.

Gomez situation was luck, you think MB went to the NHL and begged them for the compliance buyout? He got lucky.

Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
Key is in developping young players, if everytime a player leaves or retire you have to acquire another via trade or UFA you'll be in trouble, but if you have young players (even if only one) ready to step in and replace those who left you should be O.K.

for example, when Gionta leaves if there's a young player making 1 mil ready to take his spot (or at least be a regular in the NHL) then we're good with the Cap, if we have to spend another 4 or 5 Mil to replace him then it's going to be hard to ice a good team.

Pens are the exception as they arent really good at drafting, but since they have two generationnal talent on their team they'll look decent to good for a long while.
You're right, having players ready to jump in is a great asset, but let's not take it for granted like we are this year. Entry level deals for 1st round picks are 2, 3 million a year. After 1st rounders, the chances a player makes the NHL drops, so these 1 million players, not that they are non existent, but some luck + good scouting helps. Having extra money saved will come in handy whether we sign a player or they come up.

Thanks Kriss E and E = CH², you both seem to get what I am talking about. Also Lafleurs Guy, we agree on something!!!

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