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03-15-2013, 01:14 PM
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Suppose the Rangers drop their next three games. That's not something that's out of the realm of possibility here. In Pitt, home against the 'Canes, and in Jersey.

Dave Lozo tweeted last night that the Rangers are 3-9-1 against the East's top 8 teams as they are right now. All three of those teams are in the top 8. 0-2 against the Pens so far this season. Haven't played the Canes yet. 0-1 against the Devils.

0-5-1 in their last 6 against the top teams of the East. This trend is horrifying.

So, if the Rangers drop their next three, or go 0-2-1 or even 0-1-2, let's just say they don't win. Does Torts finally feel the fire burning under his ass?

I have to agree with some posters around here who think Torts's job is safe this season no matter what. If the Rangers don't make the playoffs this year, and if they get off to another mediocre start next season, THAT'S when I think Torts might feel the fire. But realistically, that's too long to wait.

This next stretch of three games could be absolutely tragic to the Rangers this season. Already falling out of the race fast, there needs to be a turnaround and fast. And if the trend continues, it's not going to happen soon.

After these three games it's the Panthers, Caps, and Flyers; games that NEED to be 2 points in regulation.

Last season after 48 games the 8th spot in the East was hovering around 53 points. Rangers are on pace for ~52 points. It's going to be a ****ing grind here at this rate, and they NEED to turn it around. If they **** the bed in the next three games, Torts better be feeling the fire, but I'm sure he won't be.

Not to mention I still think it's horrifying that he called out the teams top guys after the Sabres game and they all amounted to nothing against the Jets last night outside of Lundqvist.

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