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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
By being the best overall playoff performer on a team that won 3 Cups in a short period of time, and was a New Jersey and Colorado away from winning 2 more. If Fedorov wasn't a good playoff performer on the Red Wings, THEN WHO WAS?
His performances were good, but overrated. I actually addressed that but it was ignored.

Funny that the Red Wings could have so much team success without individual performers, eh?
The only people making that argument are the pro-Fedorov crowd who want to pretend that playing with Coffey, Yzerman, Kozlov, Lidstrom, etc magically did not benefit Fedorov in any way.

The Bowman Wings didn't hurt their individual players' stats quite as much as the Lemaire/Burns Devils or the Hitchcock Stars, but they weren't that far behind.
And again. Either Fedorov was a magical two-way player or he wasn't. If he WAS, then explain to me how having to play defense hurt his offense so much? That's not a all-time two-way player. That's a good offensive player, who became a 60-point man because he had to check.

I'll just have to point you to vadim's post about Fedorov dominating the entire ice surface in a way that few others did.
That post had nothing in the way of ACTUAL fact.

Yes he did - as much as any other Red Wing.
Ohhh, really??? So if he was always facing these checking lines, then when was he himself checking other team's top lines??? After all, isn't that what we're always told? Fedorov's offense suffered because he was used to match up against other team's top players? You can't have it both ways. Either he was playing against top lines, or he was playing against third lines.

Ah, the old martyr argument. Playing on a team capable of winning Cups does not make a player worse.
No, according to you, playing on an eigth place team does.

I don't think any defenseman on Detroit was at a Hall of Fame level in 1997. But even if they were, so what?
You were the one suggesting all the ways poor Sergei had it tough in Detroit.

Of course, playing on the Red Wings benefited him in some ways. But it absolutely hurt his regular season statistics, and for some reason, some posters thing regular season point totals are all that matters.
No, apparently the only things that matter are: one peak season and an opportunity to rack up decent but not amazing points over four extended, consecutive playoff runs.

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