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03-15-2013, 01:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Squantosawuss View Post
Same reason they traded for a guy who was out of shape and slow (Torres).

By the way, I find it amazing that anyone would even try to argue for Darcy to keep his job. It goes against the conventional wisdom in ALL of sports.

Forget hearing the Bill's GM in a phone conversation about players----wouldn't you love to hear what Darcy sounds like when talking to other GM's about players? Now THAT would be fascinating.

DARCY picks up his rotary phone and calls DOUG WILSON.

Wilson: Hello?
Darcy: Hiya, Doug.
Wilson: Oh hi, Darcy.
Darcy: Doug...
Wilson: What Darcy?
Darcy: Ya know, we're looking to add.
Wilson: That's nice.
Darcy: And we've, uh, been looking at your team.
Wilson: Okay.
Darcy: You've got a lot of good players.
Wilson: Thank you.
Darcy: And I've been thinking...
Wilson: You want Ryane? We need a defenseman.
Darcy: Well we do have some young defensemen.
Wilson: Well let's talk then.
Darcy: I want Pavelski.
Wilson: Pardon me?
Darcy: Joe Pavelski. He'd be a good fit for our team.
Wilson: He really isn't available.
Darcy: But we have some great young defensemen. You said that's what you need. Brennan, McNabb... how's Jordan Leopold sound?
Wilson: What? He's not young and he's barely a defenseman.
Darcy: Can play top-four minutes. We're really not looking to move Brennan or McNabb. Too young, still have a lot of value.
Wilson: ...not interested in Leopold.
Darcy: But Douuuug.
Wilson: Sorry Darcy. There really isn't a deal here.
Darcy: Okay. Regehr for a 4th.
Wilson: 5th.
Darcy: Done.

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