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03-15-2013, 02:02 PM
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Where do our players fit offensively

In the Burmistrov thread we were discussing about secondary scoring and what type of point production should you expect.

This is not looking at expected progress, under-performing or over-performing; this is strictly where they are sitting relative to the rest of the NHL.

The method is easy and simple. I just cut out all players with less than 5 games played and divide the NHL's overall production into lines A->B, B->C, C->D, D->F. You fit between A->B than you're producing at a first line level.

Now this may be a bit overly simplistic as some players fit into certain roles. Raffi Torres scores a lot of points relative to his time on ice, but isn't really considered a top6 guy. Some guys play on higher lines because they compliment well or open the ice for other players. So, as always take with some grain of salt.

Ladd 3.08 1 0.15
Wheeler 2.44 1 0.48
Kane 2.19 1 0.76
Little 1.91 2 0.16
Antropov 1.23 3 0.43
Burmistrov1.20 3 0.54
Miettinen 1.17 3 0.62
Wellwood 0.82 4 0.18
Slater 0.56 4 0.48
Jokinen 0.50 4 0.56
Thorburn 0.48 4 0.58
Tangradi 0.38 4 0.66
Wright 0.28 4 0.74
The percentile is what percentile within that line designate do they fit in.
Looks like my estimations in the Burmistrov thread were a bit generous.
No one is perfect.

I have just come to realize that this is as of Jets' 25th game. So the data is a bit old/behind.

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