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03-15-2013, 03:03 PM
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Originally Posted by jcman View Post
This threads gonna be a **** show when the pro Torts/Sather crew shows up
Eh, I've obviously been firmly in the pro Torts/Sather group but honestly this conversation seems to be going in circles and I'm getting bored with it. The torts haters just don't even make points, they just circle-jerk about things they can in no way prove at best and are just absurd at worst. "They're tuning him out," "Torts isn't letting them play offense," "Shot blocking doesn't work," "You can't win grinding," "We should try to out Hawks the hawks, we have more talent then them," just come on. Anyway, the path of the team isn't going to be decide by whoever gets the last post in HF boards, and I know ultimately the torts haters will be proven wrong by the course of events.

Really, the guy was a coach of the year finalist last season. He's not going to be fired in a lockout shortened season 25 games in because they've been mediocre. Way too many impatient trigger-happy people here. It baffles me how you've heard yankee fans wanting Girardi fired after he just went out and won a world series for them, so I'd venture to guess those are the much the same crazies who want Torts fired. Some people think winning is easy.

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