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03-15-2013, 02:11 PM
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Originally Posted by e46330ivs View Post
whats that supposed to mean, Im a pot head and I have a very good job, volunteer regularly for various causes, have a nice condo, 2 cars and a golf membership, whats your point. Pot is much better for you then alcohol my friend, not that I condone either but....
Pot just like alcohol has different effects on everybody, some people can drink a six pack without feeling any different, others will already be drunk.

I use to smoke everyday I even sold some in high school but after 4-5 years of that it became impossible for me to function normally with weed so I stopped. I can drink a lot and still be able to control my behaviour but not with weed.

I think Diaz can function normally with pot but I sincerely think he would be a better fighter and human being without it, I've seen a lot of guys that talked and acted like him and they were always potheads.

Not that I think that weed is the only reason for it.

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