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03-15-2013, 03:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Upgrayedd View Post
Quick question, being serious here and not trying to offend as we all enjoy different styles but what does one do at an electric dance/techno/dubstep show? Do you watch the guy press buttons or "spin" or is there a lightshow, is it like a dance? Guessing drugs/drinking need to be involved? Don't get me wrong i listen to the stuff once and ahwile during a workout because i like the tempo's but im confused by the whole elctronic concert thing. Ive always personally gone to concerts to see the artists play their instruments/sing live does one do this when the music is produced by a computer?
If you like the music you hear you dance or bob your head to it, pretty simple, and no drugs aren't needed.

Some DJ's have alot of skill blending two tracks together and if you know the tracks being played you can recognize that, but really its not a visual performance (at least not for me). When it comes to Dnb there is usually a MC as well.

If its a Dubstep show though you cover your ears before they start to bleed, and run to get your money back

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