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03-15-2013, 02:58 PM
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if you want to dangle pick 2-3 moves that you can use, preferably not all to the same side. and practice them over and over. i have played with guys who practice all kinds of moves but can never execute them , i have 3 go to moves depending on where the d man is playing and how his is playing me. i havent perfected them by any means but i can pull them off 75% of the time. i literally practiced my toe drag 1000's of times, from kids at out door rinks to buddies in warm up to practices to the kids i coach to the dog you name it, now that toe drag is eberle-ish and works awesome.

so pick 2-3 moves and focus on them, also the moves are all about confidence. try doing it in a game, then the next time think to yourself "im going to dangle him with this" if FEELS different, like you know you can pull it off. it sounds weird but its true.

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