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03-15-2013, 03:01 PM
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Originally Posted by NewOilRising View Post
$600 million?

It was $400 million before. What a sham.

Guess this city loves just bending over and taking it.
Province isn't gonna give the money, and I don't blame them.
Well, they are used to dealing with Northlands....

One city councillor is expressing frustration after a Northlandís plea for city money to cover $700,000 in Edmonton Indy back-debt.

ďI was frustrated by the losses the city experienced with this race in general,Ē said Coun. Kim Krushell Friday. ďAnd now, we are still not done with this issue.Ē

The Indy officially ended when Octane Motorsports Events Inc. ó the promoters who put the kill order on the race ó went belly up in October.

They left behind more than $5 million in unpaid bills, mostly to creditors including several small businesses from the Edmonton area.

But strangely, itís not Octane set to approach city council Wednesday looking for $696,675 in funds. Itís Northlands, an entity Krushell says hasnít been in charge of the Edmonton Indy since 2009.
Thank the gods that they aren't involved in this new arena....

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