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About Yourself
Name: Dugan
Age: 32
Location: Philly, PA
Origin of Screen Name: my grade school gym teacher was a Hell's Kitchen Irish character... he used to call me Dugan McDugan

Hockey Background
Years Playing: a few in skill clinics as a kid, and sporadic adult clinics the past couple years
Current Team: hoping to join one soon
Current League: ?
Highest Level Played: never really played organized games, except 3 or 4 when i was 9-10.
Current Level: novice
Position: usually D, because i have better instincts for it.
Type of Player: pylon
Player You Emulate: i'm not there yet.

Current Gear
Helmet: 6k / Itech HC15
Pants: One95 / some beat old Tacklas / CCM Powerline
Shoulders: Sherwood 9950 / Old Bauer Vapors
Elbows: Farrells (love the mobility) / Some old Jofas I got used
Shins: Koho (forget the #) / Bauer Vapors (match the shoulders)
Gloves: Eagkle x72 / Itech HG300
Skates: Kor shift 2
Stick: Trying out a few different shafts converted from OPS w/ Harrow PM9 and P88 clones

I bought a whole set of used stuff off someone real cheap when I first wanted to come back to the game, and then slowly acquired "better" gear - although I had a period where I was injured, then had a baby and am only just getting to use some of the new stuff. Fun. Now to just get my legs back under me.

Hobbies: music
Movies: never make it out.
Music: all kinds, and i mean it.
TV: pass
Food: bring it on
Drinks: water or bust
Hockey Team: Flyers and Rangers (I live in Philly, but grew up in NYC. It's weird.)
Hockey Player: I like the game.

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