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Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post

Can we stop the non-sense about being good on paper.

We have a solid top 6 on paper. Nash, Cally, Stepan, Hags, Richie and Gabby.

The rest of what we have are rookies that are still dripping wet behind the ears (Miller and Kreider) and talentless hacks (Boyle, Powe, Halpern, Pyatt, Asham and Haley)

We're not good on paper. We're medicore at best on paper.

The defence is all top 4. After that, back to talentless hacks. Eminger, Hamrlik, Stralman, Gilroy and Bikcel.

A slight nod to Stralman who has played well this year, but playing with those others guys exposes him and lately, he's been getting joked....REGULARLY.

Fine in Net.

Overall, we are medicore team that should be better but we've got Father Time doing a number in Richards and Gaborik deciding that he's to fragile to play hard anymore.

On paper, this team is a 7-10 seed and playoff fodder for Pitt or Boston.
Serious question, because I don't watch much of the rest of the league other than Vancouver (cause I live there).

Is our 5th and 6th defense really much worse than the rest of the league?

Aren't Eminger and Stralman (when our D is healthy) pretty average as far as bottom pairings go?

I get that there are a few stacked teams on D...but even Canucks are playing a pylon like Andrew Alberts because 4.2Mil Keith Ballard has been a healthy scratch the past two weeks due to his poor play.

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