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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
cheers good sir.

If you have a better site or way of obtaining matching data other than hockey analysis or behind the net let me know. I'm not particularly enamored with either of those sites although I use Behind the net for raw data.

I have a head cold btw. When my head starts hurting less maybe I can venture back to the above sites and not have it give me a migraine.
You're a good joe, Replacement. I don't forget that during our exchanges.

I hate the way advanced stats are used as much as you do. They serve a purpose, but due to the nature of hockey not dealing with static situations like baseball, there is no end of room for error.

I like for some basic numbers that have nothing really manipulative about them.

Line production, line matchups, line combinations. Meat and potato stuff.

REL Corsi, Qualcomp, Fenwick, etc can say what it wants to who ever it wants. When I see Sam Gagner faced Keith and Seabrook 60% during a game, he faced the top dmen for the majority of that game. Cut and dry, and I find the best way to add context to the Holy Grail numbers.

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