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Originally Posted by NikC View Post
Iím finding a hard time defending Tortorella when it comes to his asinine line juggling Ė disrupting productive lines every other game, or within game. In over 20y of watching hockey Iíve never seen a coach totally disregard the value of developing chemistry within his lineup.
There is no offensive cohesion in this lineup, and itís largely due to this coach's bizarre belief that set lines are irrelevant. Do they practice set plays? because they canít pass to one another, and theyíre defenseman canít seem to put the puck on the net game after game.

His total Inability to coach a functioning Power Play since his arrival (donít say itís Sullivan's job). Itís just not acceptable that regardless of the personnel we acquire, we canít Ice a functioning powerplay. He continues to act like heís absolved from all responsibility to affect it.

Winning hockey in a Tortorella system seems overly strenuous imo. For instance thereís no reason to rely solely upon collapsing shot blocking as a means of defending, when we have a talented young defense. We have practically no neutral zone game. The possibility for injury exists in every game and thatís a huge liability in terms of depth and consistent winning. Other teams are very successful without employing such a system exclusively.

I think these are real reasons why people such as myself are getting tired of this coach. If they win, or have success itís seems to be in spite of the above. I think there is more to being a coach than yelling and cursing out your team, and holding grudges against your star players.
To add to the line juggling. I can't stand how he moves guys from each wing to the other or centers to the wing. And this goes on in game. Players need to be comfortable in positions, on this team you never know where you're gonna be next shift.

Continuity goes a long way in sports and Torts just completely disregards it. When you watch other teams that have some set lines you can see the chemistry. Boston has had the same 2 top lines for over 2 years now. I wouldn't say those 6 are more talented than ours.

I'll give him the fact that it worked last year but besides that his track record here isn't too impressive. Like others have said we only have so long with Lundqvist being the best in the world. The time is now and it shouldn't be surprising that a lot of us are worried that the window is going to close. Torts doesn't change and we haven't been winning so what are people supposed to think?

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