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Interesting numbers to look at projecting towards next yr
The Spits with 2 games remaining have the 7th most goals projected to return next yr
in the OHL with 166 goals
A bummer is that 8 of the top 11 come from the powerful Western Conference,and 6 of the
top 7,only Kingston with 179 and 3rd highest is from the east in that top 7
Of note and rather disturbing at that lol is London loses only 10 goals from this season"s
total so far giving them 260 goals far head of anybody as u will see in a moment when
all teams are listed,in fact 30 per cent higher then the closest team
I tried to use a simple criteria of what I felt was reasonable expectations of players
graduating although some teams totals may be affected,Windsor is not one of them,though I left room for at least 1 O/A maybe 2 depending what happens in goal,maybe a Euro goalie directed to Windsor by an NHL team from what I heard at the rink last night
Here is the list of 20 OHL teams and their projected goals returning
1- London-260,2-Guelph-200,3-King-179,4-Erie-176,5-Ply-173,6-Sag-168,7-Windsor-166
and 20th-Nfalls-82
Observations,even if London loses Griffith his 33 goals gone wont matter imo
Re Ply I still think Tom Wilson makes the Capitals,his 23 goals would be missed plus the things he brings,Sag- if Eric Locke graduates his 44 Goals etc would really hurt,Brampton and Barclay Goodrow his 30 plus goals on a team that struggles off,Owen Sd should Cameron Brace and his 33 goals leave,SSM,David Broll 17 goals and size,Schmaucher same thing and a Euro double spot, and then some of the bottom half teams player concerns Barrie"s Zach Hall,Osh Scott Laughton and Lucas Lessio,,Ottawa and Sean Monahan,Sarnia and Alex Basso,Missy and Kristoff Kontos
As one can see a lot of uncertain scenarios to be sure
Between 7-10 teams either have or may have goaltending issues including Windsor which
will discussed at a later time
Thoughts anyone?

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