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03-15-2013, 04:08 PM
Crunch Time
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This game was awesome. I haven't played too many games this year, so this is definitely my favorite so far. I started playing last night around 9:30 and stopped around 3:30am, then played for 3-4 more hours today and beat the game with about 70% completion. I really didn't want to stop playing last night/morning because of how immersed I was in the story. The set pieces (collapsing platforming, mudslides, etc.) were intense. The "puzzles" were fairly easy, although I admit that the 4-story elevator one had me tripped up for a few minutes until I noticed a giant hole in the wall.

Lara's character was fantastic, and her voice actress did a good job except on some of the minor things like relic descriptions.

I also wish they had something like in Arkham Asylum and Arkham City where you can just fight waves of bad guys in a separate mode.

Very minor complaints:

-On Normal difficulty, I wish Lara had a little less health. There were a few times when I took a barrage of shots from those armored chain guns and managed to survive. I guess that's what the higher difficulty is for.

-Endgame spoiler
Fighting Mathias at the end was kind of disappointing, although they still did a good job making the quicktime event battle intense. I was thinking that I would have to fight the Sun Queen's magical corpse or something after killing Mathias. I guess they didn't want to make the game too supernatural, which is probably a good decision for the overall story.

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