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03-15-2013, 05:10 PM
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Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post
I know you are joking. At least I hope you are joking.

I'm not blind to what is going on. I'm not going to look for reasons to make thsi team into something that they are not.

I love the Rangers. But I'm proud of that fact that I am not a biased Rangers fan and I'm proud of the fact that I call a spade a spade in regards to what I see.

The Rangers are a team that CAN make the Playoffs. Staal needs to get healthy and both Gaborik and Richards need to get their collective **** together.

Failing those three getting back into and staying in the line up and playing better, the Rangers are going to miss the PO's.

Another thing, we are soft as hell. We have guys that have high "hits" totals, but do not seem to be the team that initiates tempo or sets the pace of the game and when we do start doing that and grab a lead, we crawl into some form of defensive shell that allows teams to swarm us.

I have Rangers tattoed on a heart. There's to few Rangers today that play with any heart.

And just because I'm a fan, I'm not afraid to say that I am ashamed of this team on far to many occassions then I should be.
Good post.

I agree that the Rangers have gotten "softer" and that they're not going to go anywhere without Richards and Gaborik playing well.

If that happens, I think this team could make a run for the cup. It doesn't look very promising, though.

Another thing: the defense has been porous most of the season. Including McD, Girardi, and DZ - hell, those 3 have been terrible in the past few games. Coming from a McD fan boy, and one of the few people who doesn't like to pile on Del Zotto. But, the criticism is unavoidable. In the absence of Staal, I thought these players would have stepped it up, but they look worse than ever before. McDonagh is starting to play a lot better, though. He was excellent against the Caps and Jets. So, there's one positive.

I feel as though Girardi's straight up badness has been understated. He's been BAD. The mis-read he made on the GWG in the Sabres game was inexcusable. He also has a tendency to turn the puck over even if there's no forecheck pressure being put on him. He looks like a totally different player than he did last season.

Maybe it's the coaching, maybe it's the lack of conditioning, but this team is going NOWHERE with terrible offense AND terrible defense.

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