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03-15-2013, 05:48 PM
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So many people hating on Bob in this thread and that one that just got locked

It's amazing how so many people on the Flyers boards assume that just because someone was inconsistent when they were rookies or young players they will always be that way. Or that any time a player who leaves here starts to play well elsewhere it's just a hotstreak.

Everyone piled on JVR for being inconsistent and low and behold he breaks out in Toronto this year. What was the response? "He'll come back down to earth, wait for it, it's just a hotstreak". And now some people are finally starting to admit it's more than that and are actually saying he's the guy they're missing the most. But in the next breath, they're trashing Bob's stats and saying "he did this here, it's just a hotstreak, he'll come back to earth!!!"

Bob has actually been really consistent this year.

King Henrik has had a save % less than .900 8 out of his 22 games this season (36% of the time).

Rinne has done it 9 out of his 25 games (36% of the time)

Bobrovsky has only done it 6 out of his 19 games (32% of the time)

Rask has done it 5 out of his 19 games (26% of the time) with a beastly team playing in front of him.

Bobrovsky has been consistently good this year. He will be a very good goalie for Columbus, we made a massive mistake.

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