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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
6 teams vs 30 teams!
The only time your argument has any validity is during the early 70's, for the first few years of the WHA but even then, the O6 teams were still loaded with talent and it didn't take long for XP teams like Buffalo, St. Louis and Philly to catch up.

Not to mention that the mid 70's was when the Euro invasion started, culminating in the early 90's.

Point being that the O6 NHL housed the best players in the world and that there were very, very few non-Canadians that could have cracked into the top 120-140 players in the world then.
I have sort of given up trying to explain how irrelevant the whole "There were only Canadians in that particular NHL so it was easier" argument is. However some posters use this as gospel in a debate. In the original 6 there were 120 spots. No other country was producing great players like Canada. Russia didn't actually win the gold in the Olympics against our amateurs until 1956. That's not very long ago when you think of it. There just weren't great players from other countries churning out in the 1950s, mostly Canada. But the talent was there and made even more daunting was cracking an original 6 roster with hardline coaches, GMs and owners that could relegate you to the minors with the flick of a wrist. There were no patsies in the original 6.

Then expansion coincided with the explosion of talent coming from other countries and even our own. It continued into the 1990s and I personally think NHL expansion has run rather parallel to the talent pool making each era having relatively the same difficulty cracking a roster.

What was harder, cracking an original 6 roster with 120 spots open in a predominantly Canadian league or cracking a roster spot with 750 spots in 2013 in a league with 55% Canadians and other countries churning out talent? It's pretty much the same.

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