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03-15-2013, 05:14 PM
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Originally Posted by CoolForumNamePending View Post
Looking at things from a distance it's obvious this season wasn't a banner year for the 'SEL' but last year it set an attendance record so it isn't like the league has been in some sort of decline in recent years. It appears the vast majority of this years decline can be explained by two things.

-Djurgarden going down and Rogle coming up. Really the relagation of Djurgarden pretty much accounts for AIK's drop in attendance as well.
-An extended run of mediocrity finally catching up to Frolunda at the gate.

In a weird way I think the apparent depth currently in Swedish professional hockey hurts the SEL from a econmic point of view. Half the clubs in the 2nd tier now probably have a legit and realistic goal of making it to the SEL. This is making things crowded at the top and pretty difficult for 'big market' and/or prestigious clubs like Djurgarden, Malmo and Leksands to make it back up. Given the depth I wonder if it is time to increase the amount of teams to at least 14?

One interesting thing is the combined attendance of the top 2 tiers this year is pretty much the same as least year.
Having a strong second tier is beneficial. Greater competition from below is always a good thing. Closing the league and creating a monopoly in European hockey can potentially kill off certain teams/regions if you aren't clever.

If there are numerous teams competing for promotion, and whom won't be out of place in the SEL, that is a tremendous thing.

I should preface this by saying i extremely limited knowledge of Finnish clubs and their domestic hockey structure, but i would be curious on peoples opinion of how a closed league impacted on domestic hockey?

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