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03-15-2013, 05:17 PM
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Originally Posted by LiquidSnake View Post
1040 may have a bias towards the Canucks but Price and Patterson are so anti Canuck that its nauseating. They're terrible.

Actually all of 1040 sucks. Including Taylor.

Pratt on CKNW is the best. By far. Ill give Sheldon a listen.

Although I'd cut Luc off too
Agree with this. So tired of Taylor's shtick. Thing about Pratt is, that despite faults, he's a pro and knows how to organize a show.

1040 is awful and will be until they get someone to come in and shake things up. Really they make Vancouver look like a hick town. The extremely bland B-Mac (love how they are always giving nicknames to try to make people sound cooler) and Taylor thing is complete dribble, a complete waste of time. At least Pratt gave it some punch and a little humor.

Maybe fortunate for Russell that he is being bagged. Will give him time to go off and get some professional help in dealing with his personal psychosis about the Canucks.

Price and Patterson are in way over their heads.

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