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03-15-2013, 05:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Whiskeypete View Post
Muzzin's timing and how he went about it where all that was wrong. he stood up for a teammate and that is what the guys on the team want and what we want as fans. he just didn't go about it right. as others pointed out he will be taught and learn from it.

it was a clean hit, but at the same time a borderline hit. Fraser just came around and got control after fighting the puck. some call it dirty due to the timing and players exposure. right now its a clean hit.

one thing i am hating is the 'we have to fight' after a clean 'big' hit takes place. it is becoming more and more predominant for some reason. hits like last night i can see the rationale, because at game speed it looks as though Fras was exposed. others we see are obvious clean hits along the boards that guys see coming, but for whatever reason players feel the need it calls for a fight.

with what is happening in the NHL and NFL with concussions presently. it won't surprise me when we see these hits being penalized. it will be similar to the NFL rule protecting receivers 'being exposed, vulnerable and unable to protect themselves'.

the shield rule needs to go. back in the day of the dirty birds like Theo and Verbeek it was needed. those rats would always instigate, while wearing a shield. they were in the minority and it made sense back then. now that most players are wearing them, iirc i saw a stat that like 70% of the players now wear them - well it's time to change the rule.
I agree, and I'm happy our team *rarely* does this. At game speed, it looked like a headshot, and rarely do our guys stay down, so how did Sutter phrase it? We'll live with his mistakes as long as he's aggressive? I'm ok with it even though it proved costly.

I feel like I don't know the instigator rule that well, but I was surprised they gave him BOTH. I mean, I knew the 2 for visor was a given, but he didn't go far to pick a fight...I've seen less NOT get penalized.

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