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03-15-2013, 05:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Momesso View Post
He is a competent PBP guy, and his hockey knowledge is better than the plugs you get on Team 1040.

But that arrogance - leading to an unprofessional bias, is what kept him from leaving anything of a legacy.

I really find it pathetic when sports-journalists think they're more important than the atheletes and the teams they cover. We seem to have that in spades here.

I miss the days of Howie Meeker, Jim Robson and Tommy Larscheid. Especially Meeker and his telestrator. Even John McKeachie was more interesting than the likes of what we have today.
This is a bang on post. That's exactly what the problem is. Russell thought he was bigger than the sport/team/fanbase he was covering.

I would complain to Russell often - during his Bertuzzi ranting years - and he was always incredibly rude in replying to my complaints. I held on to hope that he would get over his need for revenge against the Canucks and that his show would return to the way it was circa the late 80's early 90's.

His show in that time frame was incredibly good. He would have exceptional guests on - Brian Burke (was good at the time), Rod Beaton, the Seattle NFL guy, and his open phone segments were always entertaining.

I'd check in with Russell now and then to see what he was up to, but it was just all the same negative ******** as before. The guy hates everything about the Canucks and nothing they can do is going to ever change that. He shows focused on the Vancouver Giants, which for someone not based in Vancouver seemed ludicrous to me. He used up long stetches of airtime to talk about his boring kids, his boring trips to Sun Peaks and his lame anecdotes about his time doing PBP for the Giants. His banter with that lame producer of his was mind numbing.

I am glad he got what was coming to him.

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