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Originally Posted by DisgruntledGoat View Post
Ah yes, the two classic Fedorov defenses:

1. 'You just don't get it. . .he was really good!'

2. 'Ignore his numbers. . . he played defense!'

1. If we're all so dumb that we can't grasp the brilliance that was Sergei Fedorov. . .why don't you explain it to us? Because there has been a ton of stats and facts laid out in this thread that have all been ignored in favour of responses of, 'you just don't get it. . . he was really good!'.
Simple answer? Those who watched him and can recall how it was being discussed at the time are always having to come back to that in the face of those who seem to be 100% reliant on their ability to identify statistical trends from spreadsheets in hindsight, or render judgement on whatever fraction of a percent of Fedorov's career exists in the youtube archives - also the same people to be quickest to reduce anecdotal contributions to zero value.

Originally Posted by DisgruntledGoat View Post
2. And here comes the circular logic again. I posted the PPG stuff because the constant harping on what an accomplishment his four 20-point playoffs were. . .and as soon as I do that? The debate switches to how good he was defensively. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: either he was this brilliant two-way player or he wasn't. And if he was, then why did playing defense mean his offense dipped to second-line production?
This has actually all been explained in this thread already, by one person or another, on one page and/or another, I'm absolutely certain.

But in any event, I know everyone hates a lazy toss out of the +/- stat, but he did lead the entire 1990s in +/- to the best of my knowledge, and helped produce consecutive championships. How can you be so bothered by the intricacies in the offensive statistical trends when the results of the balance speak loudly enough before even getting into observation and skill set dissection? He played however and whenever his team/coach needed/asked him to play (hold out aside, hehe), and it's not like many here didn't see more than enough of the best of what he could do both offensively AND/or defensively to make a judgment on his "overall" calibre or skills as a hockey player.

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