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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
Are you implying that the lack of a "more wide open system" is the only thing stopping these bums from scoring more goals?
Certainly not. I'm implying that the jamjamjamjam mentality has left the Rangers with two lines incapable of scoring, and two lines not playing to their potential because of it.

[DISCLAIMER: I know you posted a lot more, and I cut and edited a lot of your quotes. I'm responding to your whole post, but cut and chose specific topics for the sake of the thread]

Originally Posted by Richter Scale View Post
Agreed, it is an issue. But you really think Torts wouldn't want to upgrade any one of those guys if he could? Please tell me one of two things:

1. Who within the organization do you replace any of those guys with that is an improvement (ignoring Bickel - I agree with you there, and don't understand Torts' love for him)?

2. If you want to go outside of the organization, tell me who you would trade for (realistic please), sign, etc that improves the bottom six, doesn't become a reliability defensively, and fits under the remaining cap space?
He can, he chooses not to. Christian Thomas who is an offensive player came up here for a cup of coffee, looked good, and was sent back down. Kreider has a million times the offensive ability than any of the aforementioned players, but does not get the shot. Why? No jam. Mats Zuccarello was banished to Russia after reviving the Rangers PP late last season, and unfortunately suffering a terribly timed injury. Why? No jam.

It's not my job to do that, but I'd love if Sather took a look at Nick Foligno out of Columbus. Mike Ribiero should also be considered come the trade deadline.

Originally Posted by Richter Scale View Post
I constantly see people saying **** like "I've yet to see Torts outcoach another coach in a game this year."

Yea? Please explain to me what you think that looks like. What does he have to do to 'outcoach' another coach? Cuz if he doesn't change the lines then the response is "OMG HE DOESN'T ADAPT. MAN IS STUBBORN." But if he does, then it is "OMG HE'S ****IN WITH THE LINES TOO MUCH WHAT ABOUT TEAM CHEMISTRY." The reality is that he does a decent job with matchups. When they're on the road, of course it is going to be harder to get the matchups you want - you have the last change (I actually think he does a pretty good job at this though as well; he clearly seems to tell guys who he wants them matched up against and they know when to change if possible after a faceoff).
Simple. It was quite clear yesterday that the Jets were very willing to take the boards away from the Rangers. How many times did you see the defensemen throw the puck up the boards without looking only to go right to the waiting Jets player? The book is out on the Rangers. Force them to use the middle of the ice, and take away the board play. Why? Because Tortorella won't adjust. His system is board play, his system is dump and chase.

Another example. Every time we play Ottawa and the Devils it's a **** show. Why? Because dump and chase hockey DOES NOT WORK when you're playing a mobile goalie who can move the puck quickly. Dump it in, Craig Anderson plays it and it's going the other way. Dump it in, Marty Brodeur flings it up the ice to Kovalchuk on the breakaway.

Last example. Teams know how to beat Lundqvist. Get in his face, don't let him see the shot, deflections and bang in rebounds. It wasn't Torts last night BUT LUNDQVIST HIMSELF! who had to call out his teammates to clear the ****ing crease.

Originally Posted by Richter Scale View Post
This leads to the another point -- when people complain about his constant line juggling. I'm not defending the practice in general, but the example from the other night of putting Haley on the top 2 lines... I don't get the *****ing there. Haley showed up to play; the players he replaced didn't. And were you not watching the game? He had one of the best chances to score all night... Bad example, stop *****ing about that move.

A lot of his line juggling has to do with who is playing well on any given night (I'm fairly certain he even says this in one of the Behind the Benches). He wants those players out there, so he finds a way to get them out there. I'll agree that in general I think this approach doesn't take into account linemate chemistry as much as it should -- but it isn't always a bad thing (a la the Haley bump up, or even as a motivational tool). If a player has a competitive bone in their body, being demoted from the 1st line to the 3rd line (Gabby) should piss them off and light a fire under their ass to play better. Unfortunately, so far this hasn't been the case -- and honestly I think that says more about Gabby than about Torts. And while I'd like to believe the baseless speculation that he is playing so poorly because he is injured, I just don't buy it at this point.
Not a bad point you make here. Thing is, do you really expect Gaborik to bust out of his slump continuing to trudge along on the left wing, with Brian Boyle as his center after you move Haley up? I sure as **** don't, and that's on Torts. Gaborik scores 40 goals last season on the RW, and Torts moves him over to the LW. Doesn't make sense to me. You want to blame someone for Gaborik this season, sure you can put the onus on Gabby, but a lot of that falls on Torts as well.

Originally Posted by Richter Scale View Post
They just haven't done that on a consistent basis (what do you expect with 6-7 new roster players, no training camp, lockout shortened season?).
At this point in the season, this is officially a bull**** excuse. He's had more than enough time at this point to put it all together, and it's falling apart in front of our eyes.

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