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03-15-2013, 06:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Badabing View Post
Question. Ok me and my friends are playing currently gm connected careers and we progressed season 13/14, some of us started gathering these top prospects (klimchuk,drouin and so on) while sacrificing some of teams top players. Now we started to wonder that how this works when you dont get to see your ahl points,games and lines. so is the best way to develop them to just force them into your nhl lineup even if their overall are just 65 or 62 something similiar and same time sacrifice your season? because i had kreider to jump 67 or whatever he is, to 81 just by playing him in 25 regular season games and 10 playoff games.

I tried to simulate another gm connected careers to season 14/15 and those highly drafted players didnt get no game time (or some of them did in chl and ahl) and i found that drouin was still below 70 and mackinnon was the best i think he was 70 overall

So whats the best way to develop these kids in connected careers? Do we need to wait like 3 seasons to get them 'playable' because if it is its gonna be long journey since we are playing all the games

Ah i almost forgot this one. i played st louis blues and scored with tarasenko 53 goals and about 90 points and he developed 81->82 and he won Calder trophy so whats that about? meanwhile Huberdau plays 10 regular season games and he got shot power and accuracy 98/98 AND develops to 85.. talk about nice system here.
It's WAY better to keep a player in junior than force him into the lineup. If u left klimchuck in juniors he would've become a 86 at 19 years old. Huberdeau is predetermined. Don't leave a player in ahl... Either junior or nhl

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