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Originally Posted by cbcwpg View Post
I like the stats you put together ( where do you find the time ? )

The one stat I wish the NHL would adopt is ranking the PP and PK by goals per minute instead of goals per opportunity. This to me would be more reflective of true PP and PK performance so you don't have 10 second PPs counting as an opportunity.
A lot of it I don't do the calculations for... Some of it I'll run through little things but nothing extreme that couldn't be done with excel or a stat program (like the one I use)

There is a place that does do PP and PK like that,
Here's the Power Play
you can sort by GF/60 or SF/60
and here's the PK
The coding is from 2007 so sometimes we come up as ATL and sometimes WPG (even though the creator of the site is from Winnipeg)

Going to 4v4 team stats I just noticed Jets are 2nd to BOS in SF/60, 2nd to DET in SA/60, and 1st in +/-

2nd EDIT:
Just noticed that behindthenet's daily updates has been log jammed to 3:30 AM Mar 11 so my data is a bit old.
Also, thank you PS241! I don't want to unnecessarily bump this thread just to say thanks again haha

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