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03-15-2013, 07:48 PM
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Originally Posted by rholt168 View Post
You don't pay someone 7.5 mil and have him play on his off-wing. Completely asinine.
I think it's more asinine that such a highly skilled forward with world-class speed can't be effective in different areas of the ice... Especially when he's getting preferential defensive match-ups due to opposing teams trying to focus on another forward playing on a different line.... Can Gaborik get any more one-dimensional? Apparently he can't forecheck, can't play defense well, can't stick-handle well or beat defenders one-on-one, doesn't kill penalties, and allegedly can't play anywhere else on the ice except for the right side.

Of course I don't believe he's truly incapable of doing these things, I think he has a mental block that prevents him from playing outside his 'comfort zone'.... He's physically capable of doing all of these things, he just hasn't figured out how to will himself into doing them.... Maybe that's a character flaw of his, I don't know....

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