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Originally Posted by Supreme King View Post

Cherry picking? Ever notice that when talk of dynasties are brought up they usually start when the team wins their first cup. 76-79 Habs, 80-83 Islanders and the Oilers start in 84. But never mind, lets play your way, 82 Oilers lose to the Kings in the first round, and are taught a lesson in 83 by the Isles.

The point of bringing the 70s Habs into the discussion was to give you a larger picture of dynasties facing an uphill climb to keep their cup streak intact. The Habs rose to the occasion to beat the Bruins while facing adversity. The Isles did the same in against the Pens. The Oilers did not against the Flames. the Oilers failure to when that game and a 3rd straight cup is a giant hole in their resume.
Hello, what the hell were the Islanders doing trailing the Pens in the first place? Having to comeback against a team you should be stomping 4 straight is NOT a point in your favor.

And btw, it IS, in fact, cherry picking when you're setting the parameters of the discussion in the way that's most favorable for the team you're plumping.

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