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03-15-2013, 08:12 PM
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Originally Posted by orcatown View Post
On Schroeder. He had two good chances to score. On the first he was wide open down the middle of the ice - free and clear. He had options. He tired to hit the top corner and the goalie made a good glove save. But if he makes any kind of fake, even a shoulder shrug, he gets the goalie maybe to move and creates space for a better shot. On the second he had an open tip, 10 feet out in the slot with the goalie out of position. He tipped it wide.

My point is that if Schroeder he has to be the kind of player that you can't give chances to. He has to be a scorer. He can't just be a quick little player that lays decent 5 on 5 hockey. He just has not demonstrated enough scoring skill. Maybe he will down the road but he hasn't yet. right now if you wanted the a person on the Wolves to be open for a shot or breakaway you would want Davies - a guy who will never be in the NHL.
But there's simply no player like that in the AHL or the NHL. Players mess up on chances, that's why you want them to generate more of them. These past two game, since coming back down from the NHL, Schroeder is creating more chances than he ever has at this level. If he scored on every chance he gets, he would be a 3PPG player, that's just an unreasonable expectation to have.

I mean, you're going so far as to blame him for missing on a tip! That's just a completely unreasonable expectation.

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