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03-15-2013, 08:19 PM
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i watch hockey to be entertained. There is nothing entertaining about his game.

I don't doubt he can be effective, but his game is not one that I want to pay to see. I think he may literally be the most boring player on our team. It has nothing to do with his height. It has more to do with the return on investment, or lack there of. He plays too slow and is slow.

He is just a perfect example of how George is failing while clinging to a pipe dream. He has to be the expert and see +50 was with him largely watching our 4 young guns. Trade a large slow soft player on the high, one that showed no sign of improving on any part of his game. Sarge is just Mr Flat line. Nope he signs him to fat contract instead. That despite preaching mobility is key to building a defense in the modern game.

Its not a lack of hitting, its more an overall lack of effort. Hardly anyone hits anymore. He seems to have no passion for the game. Remember how many times you saw Langway Reekie all the guys lay down to block a shot? Has he laid down one time this year, or last, to save the game late?

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