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03-15-2013, 08:56 PM
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I noticed earlier this year this team has a frustrating (and I mean bamboo shoots beneath the fingernails frustrating) habit of not valuing puck possession EVER (dump and chase on the PP, anyone). They are the anti-Detroit.

They have sunk to a level of suckage that is beyond embarrassing again. And of all the awful veterans to scratch, why SK over Erat? SK is hurting this team by poor puck decisions, but Marty is crippling it in multiple dimensions with awful risky passes, lack of grit along the boards, frenzied speed with no apparent destination, etc. We all know tne Neckless one honors his vets every day, but there comes a point you have to call a turd by its name. I do not think Marty is done in this league but he appears to be in a serious funk and needs something to shake him out of it. Leaving him on the lineup card is not going to help him.

Others have hit the obvious problems (Hannan and Ellis--match made in minus heaven, and Seriously beatable Pekka) so I have nothing to add there.

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