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03-15-2013, 10:16 PM
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Originally Posted by QcBlizzard View Post
Who knows what environnemental matters could come out? They can garantee no legal hurdles will come up? To state Qc city is only 1 year ahead Sea in the building process is very very optimistic and close to wishful thinking.
Yeah I agree with that part. Just take a look at the new Quebec arena back in 2011: The financing was approved by governments and PKP, done deal and all, but then:

1) Denis DeBelleval tried to block the PKP naming rights/management deal, taking the whole issue into court.

2) The soil at the construction site was contaminated, requiring the city to switch the arena to its current location.

Thankfully those didn't affect the project timeframe because the arena wasn't supposed to break ground until last September, but if breaking ground would have been planned earlier, it would have.

And of course you all remember Carolina Hurricane's arena issues in the '90s, forcing them to play over an hour away from Raleigh for 2 seasons in front of 9000 fans. That could happen to any project, but at least if the arena already broke ground you are almost guaranteed to play in it in 3 years or less, while if there are still environmental issues to be done, it could drag on for years in the worst case scenario.

Originally Posted by nwpensfan View Post
Why not just announce the relocation now and vote on a realignment that makes sense?
If that ever happened, the Coyotes attendance would drop to 3000-5000 fans per game until the final game. I doubt the NHL wants that. As low as ticket prices might be, the fans that go see the games will often buy merchandise and food available at games, meaning extra revenues going in NHL's pockets before announcing their team is done.

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