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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
How do you not pick Gretzky here? Where was his weakness? His shot was as accurate as anyone's. Not hard, but accurate. He didn't have blinding speed and his skating was choppy but it got him from point A to point B. When you start adding playmaking, hockey sense and vision it is hard not to pick him. He also had wonderful puck control.

On this list I give Mario the #2 spot. He had much of what Gretzky did but with better hands and more physical gifts. Was a step down in hockey IQ but definitely a step up over the rest on here (hey, it's Gretzky).

I am taking into account just how did this in the context of the game. Someone said Fedorov and while he fits all of these qualities I don't he did it with enough regularity in an NHL game to be considered here. It kind of reminds of a list TSN did naming the top 10 talented NHL players and they put Kovalev on there. Kovalev didn't use his talents nearly enough to be considered near the top. Gretzky meanwhile was always thinking ahead on the ice every second and never wasted his talents.

Surprised to see Lindros on here. He was the full package - except when it came to his head and that's a big factor for me.

Gretzky is still my pick.
Ultimately, I can understand arguments for three answers from the list.

Gretzky. The argument being that although he had weaknesses in certain areas (defense/checking being the most notable), he was so good at others that it more than compensated. He is the choice if you are choosing based on which player is the best overall player, or if you are choosing based on who is able to best utilize the skills they did have.

Lemieux. He didn't have Gretzky's hockey IQ, but was a better skater and physical player. He is the choice if you are choosing based on which player is the most naturally gifted.

Fedorov. He was good at everything. Arguably the best skater the league has ever seen, elite defender, stellar puckhandling, massive and accurate shot, and an excellent playmaker. And he had a high hockey IQ. He is the only player on the list who has/had no weaknesses. He is the choice if you are choosing based on which player has the most well-rounded game.

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